Monday, 16 November 2009

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Red Claw - Philip Palmer


Professor Richard Helms heads up a tight-knit band of scientists and soldiers sent to explore New Amazon, a lush but savage planet seemingly determined to attack them at every turn. When they are done cataloguing every detail of this vast, unfamiliar ecosystem, they will burn it to the ground and make it fit for human habitation.

But when the team falls under attack, Helms and his followers are forced to flee into the depths of the jungle. Here, old enemies and petty rivalries surface as they struggle to survive. They soon end up fighting for their lives - against the planet they are exploring, the robots designed to protect them and, most of all, against each other. For the countdown into madness is ticking.

Palmer burns a new path for science fiction in this gripping, dark tale of man's place in the universe.


Fans of the 70’s type of Sci-Fi fiction will be rubbing their hands with glee as this offering from Philip Palmer hits the shelves. Not only do you get a great offering from this author but it has that cracking retro feel (included with the cover) that will keep you glued to the last page. Add to the mix intrigue, double dealing and lets face it a great deal of bloodletting and this tale offers something for everyone as you can’t help but wonder who will survive and who will fall alongside figuring out exactly what led them to their fate. As a fan of survival futuristic novels this was right up my alley as I love to see what an author brings to the fore with not only weaponry but techniques used in the survival scenario’s. If you want this alongside a great deal of paranoia (or rather lets say survival instinct, its only paranoia if they are out to get you and lets be honest here, they are), suspense and a top notch character emotional as well as physical portrayal then here is the tale for you. Cracker.

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