Friday, 20 November 2009

TV TIE IN: Living Wild - Bear Grylls


In this essential guide to living wild, Bear Grylls reveals the secrets of his years of fieldcraft experience. This is the information you really need to know about living in the field from the man who has passed 21 SAS selection, climbed Everest and survived in some of the most inhospitable regions on Earth. In his inimitable style, Bear has thrown out everything that's boring about scouting and fieldcraft and concentrated only on what's exciting, inspirational and a little bit edgy. It's all here, from mastering the art of making the perfect campfire and constructing the best camp, to navigating safely through all terrains in all weathers - with or without a map...The only other thing you'll need is this book!


OK, you’ve watched the TV series and you’ve seen this guy put some pretty disgusting things in his mouth. You’ve watched him eat, drink and puke things that you would never consider trying alongside leaving you with very little desire to go to any of the places Bear has been.

What appears in this book is however a lot more friendly. It deals with everything from respecting your environment to giving you good survival tips alongside solid information on the basics from the setting up of camp to the preparation of a fire. It’s a good solid book and one that I’ll definitely be reading from cover to cover a few times before embarking on my next camping trip. If you want something different this year for that survival fan or just something for that adventurous person in your life then this will certainly hit the spot. Just make sure that they have a good supply of food beforehand as lets face it “doing a bear” will become part of the English language before long for eating something disgusting.

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