Friday, 27 November 2009

THRILLER REVIEW: The Moses Stone - James Becker


An ancient code: A clay tablet covered in ancient writing is found by an English couple in Morocco. A day later they are dead, killed in a car crash. But where is the relic they died to protect? A sinister secret: determined to uncover a secret that's endured for two millennia, Chris Bronson follows a trail of clues that lead him from the hustle of a Moroccan souk to the deserted caves of Qumran; from the sinister echoes of a water-filled tunnel under the city of Jerusalem to a windswept fortress whose name spells death. A deadly chase for the truth: threatened on every side by violent extremists, Bronson is plunged into a mystery rooted in biblical times. For the stone he must find is older and far more dangerous than he could ever have imagined.


If there’s one thing that’s clear from the offing its that the author has a very good knowledge of the subject to which they’ve based the novel. It takes the best of the contemporary crime genre and blends it with an adventure that more than matches that of Dan Brown. Here, in the author’s second offering, the principle protagonist from his original returns with plenty of twists as well as character growth to keep you guessing until the final page is turned. A great bit of escapism and fun that would make this ideal reading material for any late break holidays that you have in mind.

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