Friday, 30 July 2010

ART BOOK REVIEW: Ink Bloom - Jim Pavelec & Chris Seaman


Create an array of fantastic alien creatures, landscapes, ships and background elements, while being entertained by the story of a strong female character and learning how illustration and story work hand in hand. Readers will follow Hachi, a 17-year-old girl of Chinese-Japanese descent immediately following WW-II, as she discovers herself and her innate powers while traveling to futuristic worlds, encountering new friends and terrible foes that will push her newfound powers to their limits.


Inspiration is something that is often thought of as something that has to be located deep within the mind of the creator. Be it writing, art or even musically. Here in this offering from famed artist Jim Pavelec is a title that not only aids the reader to create fuller piece but also gives them something a little different to work with.

In this case a story that can be used for either roleplay or to act as the artists muse. Add to the mix a step by step guide to aid in creating the original pieces and you know that its probably the only type of book like this in the world.

What also makes this title something worth purchasing is the way in which the artist explains how they go about creating each piece of artwork from tips on managing light sources to also learning which medium works best for on a personal level.

Whilst a number of these titles are suitable for artists of all levels this one really needs to be handled by people who have some experience as well as talent. As an instructional its solid, it’s helpful but it’s also great fun but for people who want a more comprehensive guide that deals more with the basics then there are other titles that are perhaps better suited for your need.

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Pat Hollett said...

I can't see how you'd ever think you were a procrastinator since you read all these books and complete all these reviews.
I could never see myself through the 'mound' of tbr books you have.
Some excellent reviews here. Interesting points mentioned. The 'Play Better Guitar' and the 'Ink Bloom' were both good reviews pointing out the differences between these and similar books on the market.
The interview with Scott Oden was enlightening. I've never heard of him, but he is quite a creative soul. He's also very intelligent and I enjoyed reading your interview with him.
Is most of this information geared to U.K. readers?
Love the website too! Nicely laid out and a very vast selection of reading materials and reviews.
Well done! :)