Friday, 2 July 2010

FUN THINGS FOR THE SUMMER: Dad Can Do - Chris Barnado


If you want to get your kids to turn off the TV, step away from the computer and do something less boring instead, 'dadcando' has a project for you. Brimful of magical and creative ideas to try at home, from building a spaceship to doing science experiments in the kitchen, Dadcando is a must for any father who wants to spend quality time with his children. Not only that, it also includes bags of advice and support for dads who find themselves going it alone. Every father wants to be a hero to his kids, and with Dadcando you'll find it's child's play.


Finding stuff to do when you’re an Uncle that doesn’t cost the earth is always something special so when this offering from Chris landed I really did wonder what I’d let myself in for. Within this offering are tons of projects that involve general household junk that create something new and fun for the child involved. Add to this advice for those who have split with their partners and its something that will aid Dad’s in this awful situation.

Whilst this is aimed at Dad’s it’s a book that will appeal to grandparents and other relatives for the simplicity as well as easy to come by materials for the reader. It will generate hours of fun although, to be honest, my main gripe is that the majority of projects within are aimed at the male market and a few more girly projects would be a great thing to add for future printings.

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Angela Addams said...

I need to get this book for my husband!