Thursday, 22 July 2010

THRILLER REVIEW: The Genesis Plague - Michael Byrnes


At the dawn of civilization ...An exotic stranger appears in a Mesopotamian village and is venerated as a goddess ...until she unleashes a horror beyond anything humankind has ever known. At the sunset of civilization ...A mercenary unit in northern Iraq, led by Sergeant Jason Yaeger, has trapped radical Islam's most wanted target in a mysterious cave that sits at the heart of the Genesis story. When a Marine platoon seeks to control the extraction mission, a threat far more ominous is found lurking beneath the mountains. Meanwhile in Boston, Massachusetts, Agent Thomas Flaherty helps archaeologist Brooke Thompson escape assassination by a Las Vegas televangelist intent on using the cave's deepest secret to bring the Middle East to its knees.


There are times when I really want a fast moving, action packed thriller adventure and that’s exactly what I got in this offering from Michael Byrnes. Add to the mix a touch of biblical mystery, some modern science belief alongside a touch of military paranoia and you get something pretty damn hard to put down. Ideal holiday material and one that won’t let you go, the sheer pace could leave you feeling exhausted at the end of the day. A real joy to read and one that has definitely made sure that I’ll keep a careful eye on this author in future.

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Bea said...

Drat, my library doesn't have this but it has "Sacred Bones" so I will start with that and if I like it, look harder for this one.