Monday, 8 November 2010

AUTOBIOGRAPHY: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars - Gervase Phinn

Release Date: 11/11/10


Following on from the terrific success of A Wayne in a Manger , Gervase Phinn has collected together from his bestselling Dales books his favourite stories about children, and included some poems from his popular Puffin poetry books. In this humorously illustrated book, the stories have one thing in common - the wonderfully funny (and usually innocent) things that children say. Whether they are stories about children who cannot read very well but know the names of many breeds of sheep or children who are more privileged (coming to school in a Wolls-Woyce), they are simply delightful. This heart-warming book will not only enchant you, it will make you look at life through a child's eyes - and that's quite a special thing.


Well known for his autobiographical titles as well as his public speaking this title brings perhaps some of Gervase’s best anecdotes to the fore in this compact stocking filler title that the reader will enjoy as children go to prove that misunderstanding alongside their own thinking processes can produce comedy gold.

Add to the mix something for everyone to enjoy, an author that’s more than willing to poke fun at himself as well as be honest with the reader about his own past and it’s a title that will endear itself to a great many.

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