Thursday, 11 November 2010

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Macro and Cato 10: The Legion - Simon Scarrow

Release Date: 11/11/10


The bestselling author of CENTURION and THE GLADIATOR returns with another action-packed Roman adventure.Trouble is brewing in Egypt. Rebel gladiator Ajax and his men have been posing as Roman soldiers and attacking naval bases, merchant vessels and villages. Prefect Cato and Centurion Macro have been charged with the task of tracking down the renegade warrior before the problem gets out of control. Joining forces with Legion III, they hope to destroy their enemy on the battlefield. But the cunning gladiator has other ideas...


Scarrow’s most well-known heroes, Macro and Cato, return in their 10th outing to face an old foe and one that the readers really are looking forward to them getting their hands upon.

As usual the action comes thick and fast with our epic duo in another war that could see the end of Rome’s time within Africa. It’s bloody, it’s brutal and above all else the reader gets exactly what they want from this title with Scarrow’s indomitable sense of pace keeping the reader in check alongside injection his own touch of battlefield humour to lighten some of the darker aspects within.

All in another good book in the series and one that demonstrates a singular purpose of one of the heroes that may have been lacking previously as his ambition alongside goals start to become his chance to step up not only for the glory of Rome but for his own purposes as well. Whilst you can jump into the series at any point you really have to start at the beginning to get to know the heroes as well as to be able to understand their own sensibilities alongside their growth as they endure, overcome and conquer the enemies of Rome. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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