Tuesday, 2 November 2010

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Warhammer 40k: Tomes of Fire 2 - Firedrake - Nick Kyme

Release Date: 01/11/10


When Chaplain Elysius of the Salamanders is taken captive by Dark Eldar, he faces a fight for survival at the hands of these cruel aliens. The Firedrakes of 1st Company attempt a daring rescue mission, but much more is at stake than the Chaplain's life. He holds the key to secrets buried beneath Mount Deathfire, secrets that could reveal the damnation - or salvation - of their home world. The Salamanders must penetrate the Port of Anguish and defeat the xenos threat there if they are to unveil the mysteries within the Tome of Fire. Meanwhile, Dak'ir battles to survive the brutal Librarian training, and in his visions lies an even darker future -


The second book in the epic Tomes of the Fire Trilogy featuring the Salamander Astartes. Beautifully written, Nick brings the full scale war of attrition to the table as treachery, destiny and vengeance vie for dominance amongst this space marine chapter.

It’s dark, it is gory and above all else it is a story that will have fans clamouring for Nocturne (sadly currently scheduled for late 2011) sooner rather than later, as the Emperor looks on as the fates clash from all angles. Who will survive and triumph or if it’s going to be a phyrric victory we can’t guess, all we know is that Kyme plays for keeps and the cost will be high.

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