Saturday, 11 June 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Ulrika the Vampire 2: Bloodforged - Nathan Long

Release Date: 09/06/11


Unable to adapt to Lahmian society, Ulrika seeks her own way, striking out to the Chaos-besieged city of Praag to seek old friends and glory in battle. On her arrival, she finds a devastated but defiant people and the invaders repelled. But the Ruinous Powers can take many forms, and now a more insidious threat is rising from within - a Slaaneshi cult that seeks to claim dominion in Praag. Shunned by her Lahmian sisters, decried by the humans she seeks to protect, Ulrika treads a lonely path as she tries to find the root of this destructive plot. Caught between the will of the vampires and the insane designs of Chaos sorcerers and cultists, Ulrika must call upon all of her cunning and savagery if she is to triumph...


The second title in the Ulrika the Vampire series and one that takes the reader back to more familiar territory when she runs away from political intrigue to deal with her life changes in the only way she knows how, headlong into battle. It is a tale that has everything, politics, double dealing, backstabbing and perhaps most notably a tale where her own nature can often seek to confound her every day survival as she seeks to find ways to deal with what she requires. It’s a tale of personal growth and takes Ulrika from the bit part character we met originally in the Felix and Gotrek titles to a more rounded outstanding principle player that Nathan knew was there all along. Back that up with the author’s usual skill at misdirection, some great sequences and of course bloody justice and it’s a title that fans will just devour.

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