Thursday, 16 June 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: The Wild Hunt Trilogy 1: Songs of the Earth - Elspeth Cooper

Release Date: 16/06/11


Gair is under a death sentence. He can hear music - music with power - and in the Holy City that means only one thing: he's a witch, and he's going to be burnt at the stake. Even if he could escape, the Church Knights and their witchfinder would be hot on his heels while his burgeoning power threatesn to tear him apart from within. There is no hope . . . none, but a secretive order, themselves persecuted almost to destruction. If Gair can escape, if he can master his own growing, dangerous abilities, if he can find the Guardians of the Veil, then maybe he will be safe. Or maybe he'll discover that his fight has only just begun. SONGS OF THE EARTH is the most compelling debut fantasy novel since Patrick Rothfuss first hit the shelves four years ago, with the stunning THE NAME OF THE WIND. Combining superb characterisation with an epic story, it is beautifully told and engaging from the very first word.


As usual with a new author I read the book back to see what tempts me, obviously the more tempted I am the faster it accelerates up the reading pile. What instantly struck me about this title was the beautiful cover art which when backed with a more than intriguing synopsis really meant that I couldn’t put it down.

Within this title are so many good things that whilst individually would be wonderful when blended create a greater whole that transcends the individual flavours. As it is with baking, so it is with writing. Elspeth’s first major achievement within this title was the world creation, it is pretty huge, has a great background and of course a history that whilst unfamiliar to the reader does strike chords within the readers imagination. Back that up with some great characters that are fully rounded with flaws alongside strengths that endear them to the reader from Gair’s innocence through to his magical affinity, from Aysha’s emotional disability fighting against her ability to love. It’s deep, it contains a lot of hooks and each of the characters speaks to the reader in different ways.

Add to this a story that will keep you enchanted from start to finish, great pace as fast paced action vies against emotional lulls and when added to a whole host of villains, a deeper evil lurking beneath the surface makes this a series to get into now before hype hits.

Finally, and this is just something we wanted to add as an extra the last time we felt this strongly it was over Patrick Rothfuss’ Name of the Wind so get in now, enjoy a wonderful tapestry of fantasy and get to know an author who I suspect will be one of the names for the new decade as she blends the strengths of Erikson and Jordan with the accessible writing style of Gemmell, Eddings and Hobb.

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