Wednesday, 15 August 2012

HISTORICAL FICTION: Outlaw Chronicles 4: Warlord - Angus Donald

/Release Date: 19/07/12/


May 1194. Finally released from captivity, Richard the Lionheart is in Normandy engaged in a bloody war to drive the French out of his continental patrimony. Using the brutal tactics of medieval warfare - siege, savagery and scorched earth - the Lionheart is gradually pushing back the forces of King Philip of France. By his side in this epic struggle are Robert, Earl of Locksley, better known as the erstwhile outlaw Robin Hood, and Sir Alan Dale, his loyal friend, and a musician and warrior of great skill and renown. But while the battles rage and the bodies pile up, Robin seems only to be interested in making a profit from the devastation of war, while Alan is preoccupied with discovering the identity the man who ordered his father's death ten years earlier - and the mystery is leading him towards to Paris, deep in the heart of the enemy's territory ...


I’ve been a fan of Angus’ work since he burst on the scene a few years ago with the first title in the series. Its refreshing, it brings Robin Hood to life for the reader and also provides the reader with a story that they can place historically as well as taking them on a no holds barred adventure.

Whilst this is a cracking thing in itself, when you add a lead character that is multifaceted that you want to spend time around alongside a solid supporting cast and all in you really can’t ask for more. Personally, this is a series that I’ve loved sharing with my Dad and when my nephews are a little older, they’ll be getting the full treatment as well. For me, this is a great series to introduce your young reader to help the cross over into adult Historical Fiction.

Finally back that up with solid prose, a great plot line as well as some wonderful twists and all in, I was in HF heaven for a good few hours. Angus really does get better with each title.

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