Tuesday 18 March 2014

DYSTOPIAN SCIENCE FICTION: The Osiris Project 2: Cataveiro - E J Swift

Release Date: 20/02/14
Publisher:  Del Rey


A shipwreck. And one lone survivor. For political exile Taeo Ybanez, this could be his ticket home. Relations between the Antarcticans and the Patagonians are worse than ever, and to be caught on the wrong side could prove deadly. For pilot and cartographer Ramona Callejas, the presence of the mysterious stranger is one more thing in the way of her saving her mother from a deadly disease. All roads lead to Cataveiro, the city of fate and fortune, where their destinies will become intertwined and their futures cemented for ever...


Del-Rey UK is definitely a publisher that likes to bring different things to the reader’s attention and this series by EJ Swift is something that will more than hit the spot if you’re a fan of Dystopian Science Fiction. The characters within as fully rounded, have some wonderful little quirks and when added to the arc really generate a caring response within the reader.

Back this up with great prose, solid pace work and of course some magical twists which when backed with the authors own identifiable writing style all round makes this a book that hit the spot for me as a reader. Top notch.

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