Sunday, 9 March 2014

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Problem with Promises - Leigh Evans

Release Date: 27/02/14
Publisher: Tor


Never make a promise you can't afford to keep ...Half-fae Hedi has tried to live by this rule, yet however fast she runs, trouble tracks her down. So this time, she's meeting it head on. In the fae realm, a mage has imprisoned her twin brother Lexi, and she swore to set him free. However, to save Lexi she must find him, and her path is blocked by vengeful witches. They must be challenged, but Hedi and her Alpha werewolf mate Trowbridge face a dangerous diversion. They've been framed as prime suspects in an illegal fae drugs trade - and the Council of North American Weres is now on their trail. Hedi must harness her talents to save those she loves. But once she claims her full powers, there will be no going back.


OK, so you’ve read the first two books and were wondering what Leigh was going to bring to the fore in this the third. Well worry no more for within the pages is a tale that is not only tight but one that gets down to the nitty gritty without having any real additional background as the world is pretty well formed. This allows the reader to delve deeper into the characters and boy, what a convoluted plot we have here as love and danger vie for supremacy within these pages.

Its high octane action, has some breath taking moments and readers will hate leaving the book for the night as the one more page syndrome sneaks in. Its addictive, has some wonderful turns of phrase and when added to characters that you want to spend a lot of time around, may well leave you tired but satisfied the following morning.

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