Saturday, 5 July 2014

FANTASY REVIEW: Mirror Sight - Kristen Britain

Release Date: 15/05/14
Publisher:  Gollancz


Karigan G'ladheon is a Green Rider - a seasoned member of the royal messenger corps whose loyalty and her bravery have already been tested many times. And her final, explosive magical confrontation with Mornhavon the Black should have killed her. But rather than finding death, and peace, Karigan wakes to a darkness deeper than night. The explosion has transported her somewhere - and into a sealed stone sarcophagus - and now she must escape, somehow, before the thinning air runs out and her mysterious tomb becomes her grave. Where is she? Does a trap, laid by Mornhavon, lie beyond her prison? And if she can escape, will she find the world beyond the same - or has the magic taken her out of reach of her friends, home and King forever...? 'Kristen Britain is one of the most astonishing fantasy writers wroking today' Tess Gerritsen, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author


I’ve been a huge fan of Kristen’s Green Rider series, so every time I get the chance to return to her imaginative and wonderfully developed world you’ll find me shutting out the real world to embark on the latest adventure.

So sitting back with my reading supplies, I couldn’t wait to see what the pages held in store. Yet for all this, I couldn’t help but think what the hell had happened to the principle character. She’d changed drastically and whilst I originally thought perhaps I was remembering her wrong a reread of what has come before proved to me that Kristen was trying to fit more into what’s popular within the genre rather than what the readers bought her books for in the first place.

Add to this a plotline that felt flat, a convoluted overall arc and all round I was greatly disappointed. I really hope that this will be rectified in future outings.

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