Monday, 22 September 2014

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: The Return of the Discontinued Man - Mark Hodder

Release Date: 07/08/14
Publisher:  Del Rey


Burton and Swinburne return in a new wildly imaginative steampunk adventure, and this time they're facing their greatest foe...Leicester Square, London. Blood red snow falls from the sky and a strange creature, disorientated and apparently insane, materialises out of thin air. Spring Heeled Jack has returned, and he is intent on one thing: hunting Sir Richard Francis Burton. Burton is experiencing one hallucination after another; visions of parallel realities and future history plague his every thought. These send him, and his companions, on an unimaginable expedition - a voyage through time itself...


As a huge fan of Steampunk, this has been one of the series that I’ve been keeping a close eye on as the preinciople characters within this work are people that I love to spend time with. I like their roundedness, the way that they step of the page and also the way that Mark brings cracking dialogue to this extraordinary world.

Yet for all that, this book felt a little lacklustre compared to others in the series (and on a side note you do have to read the others to get the fuller picture here.) With the pages, it felt almost rushed with confusion taking the reader somewhere different to the norm. All round, it was a fun plot to spend time around and whilst for me the pace was off key and the prose not as quite as sharp as they have been it was a book that gave me a wonderful escape from the real world.

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