Thursday, 10 November 2016

FANTASY REVIEW: Children Trilogy 2: Leviathan's Blood - Ben Peek

Release Date: 07/04/16
Publisher:  Pan Macmillan/Tor


A new god has risen.
The immortal Zaifyr has arrived at the Floating Cities in chains, to await trial for murder. Despite this, he's preparing for war against a new child god - for she will do anything to destroy those who stand in her way.

A city has fallen.
Ayae must fight to protect the survivors, and finds herself ensnared in a web of political intrigue. She'll find politics can be as lethal as any sword, and hers is not the only life at stake.

A warrior has arrived.
Across the ocean, the exile Bueralan returns home. And he's bearing a dead man's soul around his neck. God-touched and grief-stricken, he treads a dangerous path. He'll confront a legendary fighter . . . and discover a secret that will change the world.


The second book in the series and to be honest its been a long time in coming. Not that I'm a bad person, just when I enjoy a book I do get impatient waiting to see what will happen next, whilst at the same time worrying that the book won't be as polished as the original.

That worry was quickly laid to rest upon picking up this title. As with the original (The Godless), the writing is delightful, the prose nicely sharp and with an underlying overall arc opening up allows the reader to see the overall brushstrokes without seeing the final picture. As with the first, Ben plays for keeps and death is always a close companion. Finally throw into the mix, characters who just fly off the page into your imagination all round generates a series that if you love fantasy, is a great one to get into. Trust me you won't be disappointed, but it is going to be a wait for the final outing and if you're as imaptient as me, that at times, can be quite a bad thing.

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