Sunday, 20 November 2016

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Shadow Police 3: Who Killed Sherlock Holmes - Paul Cornell

Release Date: 19/05/16
Publisher:  Pan Macmillan/Tor


The Great Detective's ghost has walked London's streets for an age, given shape by people's memories. Now someone's put a ceremonial dagger through his chest. But what's the motive? And who - or what - could kill a ghost?

When policing London's supernatural underworld, eliminating the impossible is not an option. DI James Quill and his detectives have learnt this the hard way. Gifted with the Sight, they'll pursue a criminal genius - who'll lure them into a Sherlockian maze of clues and evidence. The team also have their own demons to fight. They've been to Hell and back (literally) but now the unit is falling apart . . .


OK I missed out the second book in the Shadow Police series but I do remember enjoying the first, so when it landed I thought it would be a great bit of fun alongside escapism to get away from the real world.

What Paul does well is bring his comic book background to the fore. The story has some cracking twists, good solid prose and backed with a principle character I fully enjoyed spending time with.

Its defintiely a series that is coming into its own and with Paul's ability to tell a story that just hooks you in really delivers. Magic

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