Tuesday, 8 November 2016

SUPERNATURAL CRIME THRILLER: Charles Horton 4: The Detective and the Devil - Lloyd Shepherd

Release Date: 23/04/16
Publisher:  Simon and Schuster


‘What impresses me most is Lloyd’s ability to bring big themes into the weave of the story and yet keep to the underlying threads of an astonishingly good detective novel. Such a magnificent writer’ Manda Scott

‘This is historical crime fiction at its very best’ Shots

From the author of the acclaimed historical thriller Savage Magic comes The Detective and the Devil, a riveting tale of villainy, alchemy and murder.

London, 1815: Constable Charles Horton of the River Police Office is called to investigate the brutal murder of a clerk and his family in London's East End. Horton's investigation draws him into the secretive world of the East India Company, which will stop at nothing to protect the secrets of its vast empire. What is the Company hiding, and why are its employees disappearing - particularly those linked to the small island of St Helena? The trail takes Horton and his wife Abigail from the steps of John Dee's house in Mortlake to the lonely South Atlantic, on the trail of a killer who seems to be the very Devil.


The fourth outing for Charles Horton and a book that delightfully continues his "war" against the dark forces that beset this superntural crime thriller.

The prose is solid, the dialogue wonderfully rich and when you throw into the mix a principle character that you love to spend time around as he goes about his duty all round makes this a book that was a sheer delight to read. Whilst you can pick this up with no knowledge of what has gone before, I would suggest that you start from the beginning to get the fuller picture and with the holiday period fast approaching, could be a good time to order the lot for one hell of an adventure to get you away from the ensuing chaos it inevitably brings.

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