Friday, 20 August 2010

CRIME REVIEW: The Phantoms of Breslau - Marek Krajewski

Release Date: 29/07/10


Breslau, 1919. The hideously battered bodies of four young sailors are discovered on an island in the River Oder. When Inspector Mock arrives at the scene to investigate, he discovers a note addressed to him, asking him to confess his sins and to become a believer. As he endeavours to piece together the elements of this brutal crime, Mock combs brothels and drinking dens of Breslau and is drawn into an insidious game by the murderer; ultimately he uncovers a secret society which appears to have the Inspector himself in its sights.


I’ve come to enjoy these releases and whilst the authors writing style may not be for everyone, once you get past that it’s a tale that’s really enjoyable. The translation is well done, the authors humour pokes fun throughout and above all else its the way in which the character engages the reader that makes it so addictive. Add to the mix some great twists, a period drama and you know that its something different to the vast majority of titles out there.

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Angela Addams said...

Okay, that cover freaks me out a little...but the book sounds good!