Saturday, 21 August 2010

WRITING ADVICE: The Writer's Market Guide to Getting Published

Release Date: 30/04/10


The Writer's Market Guide to Getting Published, 3rd Edition , with its insider advice from successful authors and editors, gives readers a professional overview of what it takes to get their work out into the marketplace, get it published, and get paid for it. Topics featured in this book include: state of the publishing industry information; inspirational instruction to get readers motivated and writing; research strategies and interviewing techniques; tips on selling magazine articles, nonfiction books, novels, scripts, and more; instruction on self-publishing and print-on-demand options; and, cutting edge marketing and publicity guidance.


Whilst having recently spent time reading titles that purport to help the author write a better novel, I’ve finally come across a guide that not only helps, but explains the various steps from finding out whether your talent lies more with magazines or with novels. Beautifully laid out, easy to follow and above all else lessons that can take years to master but presented in such a way that its easy to follow, easy to understand the goal and of course helping you find that special something deep within.

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