Monday, 12 December 2011

FANTASY REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Blood of Aenarion - William King

Release Date: 08/12/11


The twins Tyrion and Teclis are the greatest high elf heroes still to walk the earth. They are as different to one another as darkness and light.

Tyrion is an unparalleled swordsman, a superlative warrior and tactician from birth. He inspires courage and loyalty in those around him. Champion of the Everqueen, he is Ulthuan’s greatest protector.

Teclis’s gift is magic. The greatest natural sorcerer of the age, his power rivals that of fabled Caledor. Wise councillor of the high elves, Teclis was amongst those who first taught magic to the race of men and gave them the means to defend themselves against Chaos.

From their humble origin in the wild lands of Chrace, Tyrion and Teclis were meant for a great destiny. They come from the line of Aenarion, the first king of Ulthuan and cursed champion of that magical island.

When the Witch King Malekith learns of the twins’ existence their lives are imperilled and they are taken to Lothern for their protection and to learn the arts of war.


I have to admit that I originally came across William’s writing a good number of years ago with the first Felix and Gotrek novel and fell in love with it. So when I heard that he was writing a new series for the Black Library I was not only happy but also looking forward to see what would arrive. Especially when I learned he was dealing with two of the pointy eared ones greatest heroes in the Warhammer Universe, Tyrion and Teclis.

It’s a cracking story, woven with top notch prose, solid dragon flight pace and of course gives the reader all the glory and blood that they would want in a tale. It fits the universe well, the characters are solid and approachable for the reader and when you throw into the mix heroes that have flaws alongside great courage, it’s a title that fans have been clamouring for this epic duo for years. Magical.

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