Monday, 12 December 2011

NEWS: Five Days of Christmas: 5 Book Genre Recommendations (from Falcata Times)

Hail Mighty Readers,
Well this is our first of our Five Days of Christmas (yes we know we’re early but we wanted to give you shopping time in case of finding something that you like) and as such we thought that it would be pretty good to do five recommendations per genre of books reviewed by Falcata Times. As such we hope that you can find a title or two of interest for the bibliophile in your life.

We hope everyone has a great holiday season and here’s our massive list of top fives:

Art and Crafts Books:

Drew Stuzan - Oeuvre
Creating Comics - Start to Finish - Buddy Scalera
Fräulein - Ellen von Unwerth
Stitch with Love - Mandy Shaw
The Songwriters Guide - Writers Digest

The Silent Girl - Tess Gerritsen
The Dead Witness - Ed Michael Sims
A Fear of Dark Water - Craig Russell
Death Sentence - Mikkel Birkegaard
The Quarry - Johan Theorin

Hawkmoor at Home - Huw Gott, Dan Lepard
PieMinister - Tristan Hogg and Jon Simon
Perfect: 68 Essential Recipes - Felicity Cloake
Hairy Bikers - Perfect Pies - Hairy Bikers
Perfect Slow Cooking - Elizabeth Brown

The Heroes - Joe Abercrombie
The Straight Razor Cure - Daniel Polansky
The Fallen Blade - Jon Courtenay Grimwood
Conan's Brethren - Robert E Howard
The Crippled God - Steven Erikson

Historical Fiction:
The Clash of Empires: The Great Siege - William Napier
The Long War 2: Marathon - Christian Cameron
Agent of Rome: The Siege - Nick Brown
Outlander 7: An Echo in Time - Diana Gabaldon
Lady of Hay - Barbara Erskine

The Spirit of the Sword - Steve Shackleford
Early Firearms 1300-1800 - Michael Spencer
Crooked Talk - Jonathan Green
Making Craft Cider - Simon McKie
Booze for Free - Andy Hamilton

Science Fiction:
Chemical Garden: Wither - Lauren DeStefano
World Wide Web 3: Wonder - Robert J Sawyer
Embassytown - China Mieville
Embedded - Dan Abnett
The Subteranean War: Germline - TC McCarthy

The Lion - Nelson DeMille
The Affair - Lee Child
The Nosferatu Scroll - James Becker
The Silenced - Brett Battles
Blood Counts - Robert Goddard

Urban Fantasy:
Zombie Autopsy - Dr Steven C Schlozman
Deadtown 3: Bloodstone - Nancy Holzner
Dresden Files: Ghost Story - Jim Butcher
The Iron Druid: Hounded - Kevin Hearne
Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch

Lady Eleanor Top Books:
Choices Inside Out - Robert Lasardo
Rose West: Making of a Monster - Jane Carter Woodrow
The Confessions of Catherine De Medici - CW Gortner
The Exorcist - William Peter Blatty
The Ritual - Adam G Neville

Tune in for the next few days to see other recommendations,

Gareth and Lady Eleanor

1 comment:

Nic said...

Hi there

many thx for the recommendations lists to both of you!!

I thought about giving some tipps too!!

1. John Connolly's series about Charlie Parker...great stuff. Thriller meets the paranormal. Couldn't lay them down

2. Bernard Cornwell's Starbuck & the warlord chronicles about the Rebel Nat Starbuck & Derfel the Saxon warrior in Arthurs retinue, but I bet you two read both series...

3. A nice surprise for me was the series about the Leandros brothers by Rob Thurman. Sure it has it's parallels with supernatural, but it has it's very own style.

4. Miserere by Teresa Frohock. First book of the author and really gripping. The background story has a Christian touch, but this is in no way annoying, it belongs to the story. It's fantasy with strong world building. Really worth a read.

5. David Weber's Honor Harrington series, but I think that I don't have to recommend him. I wasn't in SF since I read this series...

so have a nice evening.