Sunday, 19 February 2012

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Merlin 2: Prophecy: Death of an Empire - MK Hume

Release Date: 19/01/12


Merlin's epic quest continues as he journeys to Constantinople in search of his father. Myrddion Emrys of Segontium is the product of a brutal rape, but when King Vortigern hints at his father's identity, Myrddion embarks on a journey across France and Italy to Constantinople. It is a voyage that is to turn the young healer into a man of great renown. Serving under General Flavius Aetius at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains, Myrddion saves the lives of thousands of warriors and, on his arrival in Rome, he heals many more, including Cleoxenes, Envoy to Emperor Theodosius of the East, on his way to a delegation with Attila the Hun. But a deadlier conflict between Emperor Valentinian of the West and Senator Petronius Maximus is still to come and Myrddion must use all his strength to carry out his work in a world that is evil.


In the realms of historical fiction there are some authors who explode onto the scene and disappear just as quickly or, in the case of authors like MK Hume, build up with a solid body of work that thrills and delights readers as they discover her. As with Marilyn’s other books, this one continues to add a real “Arthurian period” (5th and 6th Century AD) feel to the series, with the historical setting given a realistic feel with hard combat, an honour system in place with major characters fighting to preserve their world against the masses giving the reader a feel for an earlier struggle with Cornwell’s Saxon series.

All in this story does a great twist to the already established mythos and with the authors wonderful twist on the already convoluted tales, it’s not only a breath of fresh air but one that I hope will stand the test of time. Magical.

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