Friday, 17 February 2012

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: Juggernaut - Adam Baker

Release Date: 16/02/12


Iraq 2005 Seven mercenaries journey deep into the desert in search of Saddam's gold. They form an unlikely crew of battle-scarred privateers, killers and thieves, veterans of a dozen war zones, each of them anxious to make one last score before their luck runs out. They will soon find themselves marooned among ancient ruins, caught in a desperate battle for their lives, confronted by greed, betrayal, and an army that won't stay dead...


To be honest I picked this up as Lady Eleanor told me that she’d enjoyed Adam’s debut, Outpost. However when I started this the main thought that I couldn’t shake throughout was how similar the tale was to certain elements from the Resident Evil film series. Yes the author does give the reader what they want, but when all you can think throughout is that’s similar to X or Y then you really aren’t left with any choice but to persevere and see if it gets better.

Alas for me, the novel was predictable and whilst the setting has moved to make it topical, it’s a story that for me, was a little too obvious as the events unfolded. That’s not to say that the action wasn’t solid and it did fulfil the readers expectations but if you’re looking for something ground breaking, you won’t get it, especially when there’s no real connection between the reader and the main characters. All in, this was an OK read and whilst its not the best zombie horror I’ve read it’s certainly not the worst.

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