Saturday, 28 July 2012

ART BOOK REVIEW: Dragonart Drawing Workshop - J Neondragon Peffer

Release Date: 27/07/12


From the creator of the best-selling DragonArt titles! Now viewers can learn to draw dragons from start to finish with this video workshop that includes everything from shapes, to specific anatomy and even minute details. Instructions progress from a simple dragon to details such as heads, horns, wings and more.


OK you want to learn how to draw dragons but you’re not quite sure where to start. What this relatively small title offers is advice from a well-known artist as well as accompanying it with a DVD to help you not only get the practice but also allows the reader to start to create a piece that looks similar in a very short time.

All in its easy to follow, the advice given is helpful and at the end of the day to find a way to create something that I’d love to hang on my wall then it is a book that works wonderfully for the user. Great stuff.

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