Monday, 23 July 2012

FANTASY REVIEW: The Fate of the Dwarves - Markus Heitz

Release Date: 05/07/12


For the last time, the dwarves are going to war - and the outcome will decide the fate of their race. There has been no word from the brave warrior Tungdil since the vicious battle at the Black Abyss. Dragons, magicians, and the malevolent alfar have advanced far into the kingdom of Girdlegard, ruthlessly seizing vast areas of land. The dwarves seem to be facing their next battle with little hope of survival. But then the inexplicable happens. A dwarf dressed in black armour returns from the abyss with a formidable army in tow. He calls himself Tungdil, and for his most loyal friend Ireheart and his allies, this means a new hope. But soon doubts begin to arise ...Could this really be Tungdil, or is this warrior following his own dark agenda? It is a question of the future of Girdlegard - and the future of all the dwarves.


I’ve been a huge fan of Markus’ inventive world, I’ve loved spending time there as the world has unfurled with the characters fates being played out in the great scale of things and when added to the wonderful descriptiveness alongside solid world-building has been one of the series that I’ve had to have as soon as its out.

The prose is sharp, the action sequences bloody and all in this has been a real joy to read, throw into the mix some cracking double dealing, some political machinations and all in this is a solid title. All in this series for me has been a pure joy from start to finish and definitely one I’d recommend to other fantasy fans.

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