Tuesday, 3 July 2012

ART BOOK REVIEW: Graff 2: Next Level Graffiti Techniques and Graff Colorworkbook - Scape Martinez

Release Date: 24/06/11


With lessons that delve deeper into the elements covered in the first book, readers will learn to expand and fine tune their graffiti techniques. "Graff 2" covers 3D wildstyle, characters and objects, and letter manipulation, as well as a glossary of common graffiti terms not covered in the first book. Scape Martinez uses step-by-step demonstrations to instruct readers on using easy-to-access materials like paper and pens to more complex, legally-sanctioned wall pieces. This title features explanations on colour, composition and design, with 6 full-scale demonstrations that show the creation of a wall piece from start to finish.


Having really enjoyed looking at the structure and composition of Graffiti in Scape’s first book (Graff) I eagerly awaited to see what would come next in order to help me not only appreciate the art form but also to learn the techniques and tricks that went into it.

This title is the next step up from the original and helps you to learn more about the form of the pieces, new styles to help create your own unique piece and also how to add your own effects. Add to this the fact that its well written, easily accessable by anyone with an interest and of course really helps bring the medium into its own which makes this set an invaluable guide. The only thing I would warn about however is make sure that if you are to do any Graffiti of your own that you have the permission of the walls owner as otherwise it’s a crime.

Release Date: 25/05/12


"Graff Express" is bursting with graffiti drawings and instruction that allow readers to focus on colour without worrying about drawing. The book contains a variety of styles to suit the needs and abilities of people of all ages and levels. Adults and teens will love the energetic art styles and the opportunity to explore concepts such as Strength, Wisdom and Respect while parents will appreciate the opportunity to encourage their kids' creativity in a safe, positive manner.


Whilst Scape’s other books concentrate on form and how to create the pieces this one is all about putting the lessons into practice as you work on placing the colours and concepts onto predone art pieces. It’s a great way to learn and if you have access to an air spray set is something that works very well until you can get your hands on your own set of spray tins. Its quirky, it’s a lot of fun and to be honest I learned a lot more from actually doing than just reading as it was easier to see the concepts in action.

All in this was a cracking book and I know that with time and practice I can turn my own backyard into something bright, cheerful and colourful that will be a joy to keep adding to or modifying so that I too can have that special something that no one else will. OK, I may not be Banksy but all in I’m going to enjoy the whole experience and I think a number of others will too.

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