Friday, 16 November 2012

CUISINE REVIEW: Beginners Get Sorted - The Sorted Crew

Release Date: 30/08/12


The Sorted crew are a bunch of childhood friends who decided to help each other with their cooking dilemmas when they all left home to go to university. Now they are 24-year-old graduates and are broadcasting their recipes to thousands of viewers and subscribers to their Sorted food channel on YouTube - the most popular cookery channel on the site. With 800,000 views a month, the Sorted recipe demonstrations help you knock up meal after meal of cracking food, seasoned with a healthy dose of fun. Whether a complete recipe rookie, a busy parent in need of inspiration, or a student faced with a small food budget, the Sorted For Beginners book will help sort all of your own kitchen dilemmas. A perfect cookbook for those in need of some cooking confidence and inspiration.


OK, so you’ve a young person in the house that wants to cook but doesn’t have a clue where to start? They want to make all sorts of fancy things but need to get a grip on basics first? Well try this title by the Sorted Crew. It’s a book that’s based on their successful V-Blog on You Tube and will more than help guide you through everything from making soups to proper mash. From using cheap cuts of meat to preparing fish and of course bringing everything together to make full three course meals that are not only tasty but filling and nutritious.

Add to this wonderful bright colour images, easy to follow steps and back it up with a selection of something for everyone and all in this book will soon become a household must have for any young chef learning the basics. My only complaint is that I feel that it should have been ring-bound and laminated to make keeping it clean easier. After all, we’re all messy even when we’re trying to be neat. LOL

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