Friday, 9 November 2012

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: 1356 - Bernard Cornwell

Release Date: 27/09/12


Go with God and Fight Like the Devil. A fascinating hero and the pursuit of a sword with mythical power - this is the remarkable new novel by Britain's master storyteller, which culminates at the Battle of Poitiers in 1356. The Hundred Years War rages on and the bloodiest battles are yet to be fought. Across France, towns are closing their gates, the crops are burning and the country stands alert to danger. The English army, victorious at the Battle of Crecy and led by the Black Prince, is invading again and the French are hunting them down. Thomas of Hookton, an English archer known as Le Batard, is under orders to seek out the lost sword of St Peter, a weapon said to grant certain victory to whoever possesses her. As the outnumbered English army becomes trapped near the town of Poitiers, Thomas, his men and his sworn enemies meet in an extraordinary confrontation that ignites one of the greatest battles of all time.


Returning to the leading character from Bernard’s Grail Quest series, we follow Thomas of Hookton as he’s given a quest to retrieve a relic that many covet. It’s a journey that takes you on an adventure with the outnumbered English army as they try to avoid others seeking the same item as well as giving the reader a tale of combat, twists and of course the usual added detail that Bernard throws in with ease.

Add to this his usual prose, no nonsense style of combat which when backed with more light banter and character interaction allows the reader to get to know the characters again as they seek to find their answers. All in a wonderful book and one that will be reread again during my Christmas break as I journey through all the books featuring our intrepid hero. Magic.

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