Sunday, 10 February 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: Gotrek and Felix Short Story: Berthold's Beard - Josh Reynolds

Release Date: 21/01/13


When Gotrek and Felix agree to help an impoverished nobleman reclaim his birthright, they are thrown into a battle for survival against a creature from their darkest nightmares.


Whilst there are stories that you just love to devour in single sittings there are quite a few that really need more attention that your journey time can give, which is why Black Library’s short stories are so wonderful. Here in this one readers get to spend time with the unstoppable combination of Felix and Gotrek as they seek to aid an Heir come into his fortune. Its quirky, it’s short and to the point but when added with a writing style that works wonderfully to get to the meat of the story it all round works. Back that up with a feeling of nostalgia as you return to the original format for these heroes (as written by Bill King) and all round you’re in for a treat.

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