Sunday, 10 February 2013

SCIENCE FICTION SHORT STORY REVIEW: Horus Heresy: Dark Heart - Anthony Reynolds

Release Date: 28/01/13


When the Word Bearers launched their surprise assault on Calth, it marked the beginning of their righteous campaign of vengeance against the hated Ultramarines Legion. But for one young acolyte of Kor Phaeron, it is not the sons of Guilliman that he seeks to bring low - through infernal pacts and daemonic power he strives to carve out a destiny for himself in the midst of the greatest war that the galaxy has ever seen. The name of Marduk shall be spoken with awe for millennia still to come...


The Forces of Chaos are at the forefront of this short story by Anthony Reynolds as he takes the darker path giving the reader the opportunity to see how those Acolytes of the Ruinous Powers see to not only raise their own standing but demonstrate that no man will stand in their way.

Back this up with solid prose, some great combat that demonstrates how brutal the war is between the Warriors of Man and those of Chaos and all round it’s a short story that will give you that dark chilling edge as you sit there travelling to your destination.

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