Friday, 1 February 2013

NEWS: Tor UK to take E-Submissions from Writers

Hail Mighty Readers,
Our friends at Tor UK have let us know that they're opening the door's to writers E-Submissions from you the writing public.  Yes, that's right, a chance for your book to be read by one of thier editors without having to worry about a whole load of rigmarole or having had to secure an agent.

Here is a copy of what they've said (taken from their blog:

What sort of books is Tor UK looking for?
For direct submissions we only consider complete and unpublished science fiction, fantasy and horror novels, written in English of between 95,000 – 150,000 words.
We don’t publish non-fiction, poetry, short stories or novellas. If your work falls into any of these categories we regret we are unable to help.

How should I send you my novel?
Only emailed submissions can be considered (please see below for the email address). The email must include the novel’s title in the Subject line. The body of the email should contain a short synopsis and biographical note (including details of any previously published work), and the entire novel should be attached to the email as a single standard word-processing file, preferably Microsoft Word. Please do not send typescripts as individual chapter files, or as ‘compressed’, ‘zipped’ or password protected files.

Can I send more than one novel at a time?
If you wish to send multiple novels for consideration please send each one as a separate submission.

Do you accept hardcopy (printed) submissions, or submissions on disc or CD?
No, and unfortunately we are unable to return any typescripts sent to us in this way.

Will you consider incomplete novels or proposals for as yet unwritten novels?
No, we can only accept finished novels.

Do you accept submissions from authors whose work has previously been self-published, ‘vanity’ published or published electronically/online?
Yes as long as they follow the guidelines set out above, including the provision concerning word extent.

Does Tor UK accept submissions from outside the UK?
Yes. But again, they will need to comply with the above guidelines.

Will Tor UK consider translations?
No. I’m afraid we’re only, at this time, looking for full and complete works written in English.

How long will you take to decide if you want to publish my novel?
If we would like to publish your novel, we will let you know within twelve weeks of receipt. 

Unfortunately, due to the large number of submissions we receive, we are unable to respond to unsuccessful submissions. 
If you have not had a response within twelve weeks please assume that we have, regretfully, decided not to publish your novel.

How should my manuscript be formatted?
We prefer 12-point, Times New Roman, double line-spaced.

Can I resubmit a novel which has been declined by you in the past but which has been revised?
No, regrettably a decision to decline must be final.

To whom should my submission be addressed?
There’s no need to address it to a specific individual: if it is eligible and sent to the email address below it will be read and assessed by one of our team of editors.

I am a literary agent. Can I send you my client’s novel?
Yes, please follow the submissions procedure described above.

Where should I send my novel?
Please email it to:

So best of luck writing people and who know's maybe we'll be reading your work over the next few years.

Gareth and Lady Eleanor

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Bob Milne said...

The timing could NOT have been better. January has come-and-gone with no response from Harper Voyager's e-submission window, so a quick reformat, a UK spell-check, and my manuscript is off to the good folks at Tor.

Thanks for the tip!