Sunday, 28 July 2013

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Neptune's Brood - Charles Stross

Release Date: 27/07/13
Publisher:  Orbit


She was looking for her sister. She found Atlantis. Krina Alizond is a metahuman in a universe where the last natural humans became extinct five thousand years ago. When her sister goes missing she embarks on a daring voyage across the star systems to find her, travelling to her last known location - the mysterious water-world of Shin-Tethys. In a universe with no faster-than-light travel that's a dangerous journey, made all the more perilous by the arrival of an assassin on Krina's tail, by the 'privateers' chasing her sister's life insurance policy and by growing signs that the disappearance is linked to one of the biggest financial scams in the known universe.


If you want a great story that brings the very best of Science Fiction to the fore then by now you must surely have at least tried one of Charles’ books, especially after recently having had so many titles released on the market. As with his usual titles it has great wit, some wonderful twists and when added to top notch prose and an almost intergalactic space travel pace all round makes this a book that really does keep the reader glued. A wonderful addition to his catalogue and definitely something new that new readers can get their teeth into. Magical.

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