Monday, 13 December 2010

ART BOOK REVIEW: The Ultimate Guide to Colored Pencil - Gary Greene

Release Date: 02/12/10


This book provides all the information artists need to experience success with both traditional and watercolour pencils. Readers will enjoy basic techniques, easy solutions to common problems, tips to finding the right tools, guidance for taking excellent reference photography and much more. It includes over 40 of Gary Greene's easy-to-follow step-by-step demonstrations for a variety of popular subjects.


Whilst a lot of the art books out there deal more with the medium of paint, wonderful pieces can be created with the magic of coloured pencils. Here in this guide by Gary Greene is a titles, which whilst two years in the making, pretty much is the ultimate guide.

Subjects within include materials and tools, reference photo’s as well as techniques from layering, under painting alongside burnishing and combining all three different types of pencils.

What perhaps really makes this title stand out is the authors simplistic and easy to understand language as it’s written in plain speak English without overly complicating the lessons with fancy art terms. When you back this with a comprehensive DVD that takes you on a step by step guide to painting a rose and this title really does allow the user to make the most of the lessons within. Finally add to this that this whole book is ring bound to help keep the pages that you’re working from open at the correct point and you know that it’s a title that will help you get the most from this medium. An ideal present for any art minded individual.

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