Monday, 20 December 2010

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: The Adventures of Simon Pegg - Simon Pegg and Gaz Roberts

Release Date: 13/12/10


“Behold, Simon Pegg as you’ve never seen him before! Marvel as his superhero alter-ego traverses the continents in his customized Pegg Jet. His mission: to prevent the destruction of all life on earth.

A hilarious and brilliantly crafted graphic novel featuring the escapades of Simon Pegg, a ruggedly handsome superhero (with a body a bit like Brad Pitt’s from Fight Club and an almost constant thirst for Coke Zero) and his ever faithful robotic manservant, Canterbury, as they fight to stop the world from exploding. Will they get to Hendon in time to stop evil criminal Lord Black from carrying out his plan to fire his ancient Egyptian laser beam into the sun? Will Simon finally capture the heart of flame haired French cat burglar, The Scarlet Panther? And, perhaps most importantly, will Canterbury manage to provide appropriate refreshments for all visiting guests/informants? There’s only one way to find out …”


Fans of the Horus Heresy will absolutely love this title as the Space Wolves take to the fore in this epic story. Add to the mix the typical Abnett charm, a good dollop of combat meted out alongside some seriously good dialogue and prose which will leave the reader sated at the tales conclusion.

Finally add the fact that this title really adds to the overall story arc of the Heresy in such a way that its going to follow key events and the readers will find that they’ve got that something special that only Abnett can bring to the table. A great title and a serious Science Fiction title to kick off the New Year with.

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