Saturday, 11 December 2010

SCIENCE FICTION AUDIO BOOK: Horus Heresy: Warhammer 40k: Garro: Oath of Moment

Release Date: 09/12/10


In surviving the horrors on board the Eisenstein, Nathaniel Garro proved his courage and absolute loyalty to the Emperor. On his return to Terra, Garro is despatched on a mission of even greater importance – a mission given to him by Malcador the Sigillite himself. He soon finds himself back amongst the stars and on the fields of battle, thrust into a warzone where the Ultramarines are purported to be battling a greenskin invasion. Once again Garro must fight for survival, but now he also fights to achieve a higher purpose...


A new Black Library audio book and one that brings the terrors of the Heresy to the fore as our hero sets out on his own against his former treacherous brothers to accomplish the task set before him by the “voice of the emperor.” Wonderfully told with some great vocal talent as well as some seriously descent story writing, this audio book is one that will entertain the listener for quite some time, especially with the addition of sound effects. Back that up with some new characters, some recognisable chapters as well as a bloody pyric war and you know that it’s going to deliver something not only unique but something that could prove pivotal to the Heresy War.

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