Sunday, 19 December 2010

CRIME REVIEW: The Bone Garden - Brian Freeman

Release Date: 02/09/10


A teenager murdered. A teacher accused. A secret that won't stay buried.A year ago, accusations of an affair with a pupil cost Mark Bradley his teaching job. Now the student's sister has been found dead, and Mark faces a hostile town convinced of his guilt. Hilary Bradley is determined to protect her husband, but digging into the girl's secrets proves dangerous. Her only ally is a quirky Florida detective named Cab Bolton. As the facts emerge about the murdered girl's past, Cab's suspicion grows that others are involved in her death. But there are people willing to kill to keep the truth hidden -- and to make sure Mark pays the ultimate price for a young girl's murder. Hilary and Cab are both outsiders in a place that doesn't trust strangers and they're running out of time to find out what's buried in the ashes of the past...


Crime novels have to have something special to keep the reader not only interested but occupied as the reader is misdirected by the author throughout in order to give them a real surprise/shock at the tales conclusion. Whilst Brian’s writing isn’t at the top of the genre, it is something that is pretty solid and puts him in the upper echelon of writers to spend your finances on.

This title definitely has interest, it has a great principle character in Cab Bolton and the author does provide a title that will entertain as well as keep the reader guessing. Back that up with solid prose, some descent dialogue and the reader will get what they want by the tales end.

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Danielle La Paglia said...

This looks very interesting. A possible stocking stuffer for my boyfriend.