Friday, 14 January 2011

ART BOOK REVIEW: Cartoon 360 - Harry Hamernik

Release Date: 26/11/10


With the help of this title, readers of all skill levels and ages, particularly beginners who may have little or no experience, learn how to draw a wide variety of fun, simple cartoon people. The author starts with basic lines and shapes, and then lets them in on great secrets to redrawing their characters in many different poses that bring them to life. This encouraging book is loaded with techniques, exercises and step-by-step demonstrations that give readers results that they can be proud of.


In a world of creativity there has been a lot of information as well as help out there to take your writing to another level as well as aiding you to sell your work. For years finding a lot of information has been hard as well as nearly impossible so it’s a great delight when I originally came across the Writers Market by Writers Digest. Now I find that they also have one for Screenwriters as well as one for the songwriter within.

What this title contains is a guide to helping submit not only your work but also demo’s, some tips to avoid getting ripped off as well as a great guide to finding out about royalties as well as contracts and long term prospects. Add to this some great articles about the industry by people who have been there as well as the usual useful information such as agents, contacts etc. and you’ll never leave this title far from your instrument of choice as well as recorder which makes this a book that will become indispensible and one that will be bought time and again for the Songwriter in your life.


SusanKMann said...

What a great little book. I must go buy. x

Harold Hamernik said...


This is Harry Hamernik, the author of Cartoon 360. Here is a link for 20 pages of art that got cut from the book. Its a free download.