Sunday, 30 January 2011

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Hellblazer: India - Peter Milligan, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Simon Bisley

Release Date: 26/10/10


Wanted for a murder he didn't commit, Constantine leaves the UK and heads to India on a quest for purity in an effort to resurrect his dead girlfriend. But something wicked haunts the slums of Mumbai, leaving beautiful young women in its wake. An incredible clash of old and new cultures sets the stage for Constantine in India as he mingles with street kids, billionaires and Bollywood. Can London's quintessential street mage pay the price for enlightenment without losing his sanity? With greed, sex, demons and dancing, Mumbai has never been hotter than this.


One thing that you know that you’re going to get with Hellblazer is a classic interpretation of modern magus against the demons and evil men as a damned soul seeks enlightenment in India. It’s beautifully written with Peter’s script selling the mysteries of India to a western audience as well as bringing into it some past history that parts of the west would sooner forget. Back that up with the beautiful artwork of Giuseppe Camuncoli and it’s a tale that works well on all levels. Finally add to this first story the classic one-liners for which Constantine is well known and the reader goes away happy.

The second tale within this title is one of punk and conservatives, of politics and mayhem and is one where we get the chance to see a young Constantine at play as a misspent youth returns to haunt him. For this script you really needed an artist who could create the feeling of the period and perhaps there is none better than Simon Bisley who projects strength, violence and magic within his lines.

All in this title is definitely one that screams classic Hellblazer to the reader and if you miss this, you’ve missed something extra for the mythos. A real treat and one that I can’t help but recommend.

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