Saturday, 1 January 2011

CRIME REVIEW: The Blue Demon - David Hewson

Release Date: 26/02/10


Twenty years ago, a mysterious group called the Blue Demon committed a series of bizarre and ritualistic crimes evoking the legacy of the lost race of the Etruscans, and leaving in their wake a group of dead students, a murdered couple, a cryptic message and a kidnapped child. Now, the leaders of the G8 are descending on Rome for a summit at the Quirinale Palace. But when a politician is found ritually murdered, seemingly by a strange young man dressed as an Etruscan god, detective Nic Costa suspects that the old case was never really solved. The Blue Demon appear to have returned - and planning, under the leadership of the fanatical Andrea Petrakis, to unleash a devastating sequence of attacks on the city. As Costa and his team start to dig deeper into the past, they find that there are still too many unanswered questions - and much more to the history of the Blue Demon than anyone wants to admit..


Having had a disappointing offering prior to this title, it was clear to a number of Hewson fan’s that he’d have to do something special to re-establish the connection that readers had prior to its release. What unfurls is an offering (sacrificial even) on a scale that the fans have been demanding, you’ve got old pantheon mythology blended with modern psychological thriller tied up within a crime mystery. It’s pretty exciting and was an offering that I really enjoyed. Whilst Dan Brown may be the current master of the genre, Hewson isn’t far behind in my estimation.

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