Tuesday, 4 January 2011

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: The Oath (Templar 28) - Michael Jecks

Release Date: 06/01/11


1326. In an England riven with conflict, knight and peasant alike find their lives turned upside down by the warring factions of Edward II, with his hated favourite, Hugh le Despenser, and Edward's estranged queen Isabella and her lover, Sir Roger Mortimer. Yet even in such times the brutal slaughter of an entire family, right down to a babe in arms, still has the power to shock. Three further murders follow, and bailiff Simon Puttock is drawn into a web of intrigue, vengeance, power and greed as Roger Mortimer charges him to investigate the killings. Michael Jecks brilliantly evokes the turmoil of fourteenth-century England, as his well-loved characters Simon Puttock and Sir Baldwin de Furnshill strive to maintain the principles of loyalty and truth.


Readers who love Historical Fiction set in the time of the Black Prince will absolutely love this title by Michael Jecks. Its got something for every fan. You want combat, you got it, you want a serious storyline, you’ve got that as well. Add to the mix some good solid prose, a great understanding of dialogue and an overall story arc that’s going to take the reader on an adventure over the next few titles.

Seriously good fun and one that will take the reader on an adventure that will keep them glued to the last page as you try to figure out exactly what’s happening. Great stuff.

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