Sunday, 24 June 2012

CRIME FICTION REVIEW: Fire and Ice: Meltwater - Michael Ridpath

Release Date: 01/06/12


Operation Meltwater: FreeFlow, a group of internet activists committed to the freedom of information have video evidence of a military atrocity in the Middle East and have chosen Iceland as their HQ while they prepare to unleash their greatest coup on the world's media. On the glacial rim of erupting volcano Eyjafjallajokull, they christen their endeavour Operation Meltwater. Minutes later, in the steam and mist, one of them is murdered. The list of people Freeflow has antagonized is long - the Chinese government, Israeli military, a German Bank, Italian politicians, even American College Fraternities. Magnus Jonson has a long list of suspects but he's getting precious little help from FreeFlow - for an organization dedicated to the transparency of information, they're a secretive bunch. But they are not the only ones with secrets. Asta, a newly qualified priest, has contacted FreeFlow with information about a scandal in the church. Her involvement with FreeFlow will cost her dear. And with the return of Magnus's brother Ollie to Iceland, the feud that has haunted their family for three generations is about to reignite.


Having fallen for Michaels writing style with his first outing, I really couldn’t wait to return to Iceland and see what fate had in store for Magnus in the next outing. As with the other books he’s thrust into a murder investigation but fate and time have a habit of repeating and returning to bring old wounds back to life as he seeks to find answers to the past alongside his current case.

As with the others its wonderfully written, the landscape haunting and befit such a series that brings the old and new together in such a way that its almost cinematic. Back that up with solid prose, great concepts and of course an underlying thread that make waiting for the next instalment harder than that damnable itch that you can’t scratch. All in solid writing although I would say that if you’re to start the series go back to the beginning in order to get the full flavour. Magical. Thank you Michael for a great read.

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