Monday, 25 June 2012

NEWS: Falcata Times helps Cat Campaign

Hail Mighty Readers,
As many of you already know I have a secret identity.  For I am Catman, tickler of bellies, scratcher of chins, feeder of the masses and hot water bottle for night time.  As such I’ve recently heard about a campaign that’s started out where a gated community in America refuses to get justice for a cat named Panda who was murdered by a Satanist who has killed other animals including Geese and at least one other cat.

As such we’ve agreed to help the campaign out by going against one of our rules.  If you’re an author and we haven’t reviewed your book and you’d like it to be done on site then provided you can get 10 people to sign on your behalf and include your initials in the comment box along with their post here, that’s one ticket into our hat for you.  At the end of a month we will draw one lucky winner per 50 entries who we will then contact to receive a copy and review that book on site following our usual rules. 

So this is your chance to get your name up there with the big boys/girls from major houses and to have your title reviewed on site whether its already published and we missed it or if it’s a self pubbed title.

Remember all you have to do is get 10 people to sign for you, email their names to us and for each ten people that’s one ticket with your name on in the hat.  So for example if you get 50 people signing on your behalf that’s 5 chances that you’ll be picked.   Privacy is paramount with us and as such any who submit will not be spammed nor with their address be passed on and with the Petition site being a subsidiary of security is pretty high.

Please mail to our usual address above with your signers names along with your contact details and if you'd like to let as many know as possible we'd be grateful.  Once again the address for the relevant petition is here.

Thank you,

Gareth and Lady Eleanor.

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