Friday 29 June 2012

URBAN FANTASY CRIME REVIEW: Rivers of London 3: Whispers Underground - Ben Aaronovitch

Release Date: 21/06/12


Come Monday I get to do some proper policing. Person Unknown has been stabbed to death on the tracks at Baker Street tube. Magic may have been involved. And sure enough, in the blood; vestigia, the tell-tale trail magic leaves.

Person Unknown turns out to be the son of a US senator and before you can say 'International incident', FBI agent Kimberley Reynolds and her firmly held religious beliefs are on my case.

And down in the dark, in the tunnels of London's Underground, the buried rivers, the Victorian sewers, I'm hearing whispers of ancient arts and tortured, vengeful spirits . . .


If you’re looking for a series that is set in the UK, has a wonderful Urban Fantasy feeling and is set around a Police Unit then you really have to look no further than Ben Aaronovitch’s wonderful Rivers of London. Its inventive, the characters are rounded and when you add what feels like solid police work into the mix alongside magicka, it’s a series that has kept me not only glued but carefully watching for the next instalment.

Add to this a wonderful sense of pace, a deliciously dark villain and of course a number of plots that interweave to keep the reader guessing what’s happening right up to the end and all in it’s a fantastic read. Finally throw in a series thread that will keep you hooked and a villain that is going to become the Peter’s Moriarty and all in its going to be a long wait for the next book. Damn it.

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