Thursday, 7 March 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: The Grim Company - Luke Scull

Release Date: 01/03/13


This is a world dying. A world where wild magic leaks from the corpses of rotting gods, desperate tyrants battle over fading resources, impassive shapeshifters marshal beasts of enormous size and startling intelligence, and ravenous demons infest the northern mountains. A world where the only difference between a hero and a killer lies in the ability to justify dark deeds. But even in this world, pockets of resistance remain.When two aging warriors save the life of a young rebel, it proves the foundation for an unlikely fellowship. A fellowship united against tyranny, yet composed of self-righteous outlaws, crippled turncoats and amoral mercenaries. A grim company, indeed...Introducing the epic fantasy series of 2013.


To be honest I’m a fantasy fan, have been for years but when a new guy comes on the scene you have to give them a go but hope that they meet up to not only your expectations but also give the reader something that isn’t just the old stereotypes that too many others have come to assume its all about.

What this book from Luke brings to the fore is a story with adventure, some nods to those who have gone before and also brings his own storytelling to the mix. It isn’t anything world shattering, it isn’t something that stands out from the crowd, but for a debut it’s a solid enough start with just enough world building to make sure that it all functions.

Add to this characters that whilst stereotypical to a certain degree, bring life as well as some antihero twists to the mix, all round make this a solid enough story to just sit back and relax with. I’ll definitely look at future offerings from Luke and look forward to seeing what he’ll bring to the fore next time.

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T. James said...

Ah, it's tough to win over an old hand such yourself Gareth, but for a new writer to get a thumbs up and an 'I'll read the next one' isn't bad going.