Tuesday, 26 March 2013

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The Clone Republic 2: Clone Rogue - Steven L Kent

Release Date: 22/03/13
Publisher:  Titan


Presumed dead after his troops were massacred, Lt. Wayson Harris has gone AWOL as a bounty hunter. But, thanks to his clone conditioning, Harris finds himself drawn back into the U.A.'s service by his mentor and creator, Admiral Klyber. Now, with separatists rebelling against Klyber throughout the galaxy, Harris must decide whether he should fight against them ...or work for them.


Whilst the first set the tone for the series, the second book always has to hit back with something a little harder to make sure that the author makes an impact and to be honest that’s exactly what this, the second book in the series has done. Great prose, wonderful descriptive and of course a break neck pace really bring this tale to the fore. Add to the mix top notch political machinations as well as combat that leaves you breathless and all round I was more than satisfied with this title.

Finally add to this an author who clearly knows where he’s going alongside an arc that I really hope will be made into a game at some point and all round I was definitely in Military Sci-Fi heaven by the tales end. A great series.

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