Tuesday, 7 May 2013

CRIME THRILLER REVIEW: What Comes Next - John Katzenbach

Release Date: 01/05/13
Publisher:  Head of Zeus


Retired psychology professor Adrian Thomas has spent a lifetime delving into other people's disturbed minds. Now he's been diagnosed with degenerative dementia, and all his thoughts are of ending his own life while he still can. But his clouded mind clears when he witnesses a kidnapping: a teenage girl, snatched off the street and bundled into a white van. The police dismiss him as a confused old man. But Adrian knows what he saw. And he knows he might be this young girl's only hope for rescue. His search will lead him into the chilling world of online pornography, and the elite community who subscribe to the website What Comes Next. A website where the viewers decide what happens to their on-screen hostage. A website that is about to feature a new star: a frightened teenage girl known only as Victim Number Four...


OK, I’m not that up on this author but when a story comes from a recommendation from a friend that I trust, I love to dive in. This comes with a couple of wonderful points to it.:
1) I don’t know what I’m going to get so I have no expectations
2) I’m guaranteed something special as I trust the recommendation.

What this story brought to the fore was a dark tale that had one hell of a pace set within, it grabs you from the outset, refusing to let go and when added to solid prose and a principle character that you will love to spend time with all round gives you a tale that won’t see the bedside table until you’ve finished it.

All round I’m going to definitely keep an eye on John’s future books as if they’re all this good, I’ve got some great reading times ahead.

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