Thursday, 2 May 2013

HISTORICAL FICTION REVIEW: Traitor's Field - Robert Wilton

Release Date: 07/05/13
Publisher:  Corvus


It is 1648 and Britain is at war with itself. The Royalists are defeated but Parliament is in turmoil, its power weakened by internal discord. Royalism's last hope is Sir Mortimer Shay, a ruthless veteran of decades of intrigue who must rebuild a credible threat to Cromwell's rule, whatever the cost. John Thurloe is a young official in Cromwell's service. Confronted by the extent of the Royalists' secret intelligence network, he will have to fight the true power reaching into every corner of society: the Comptrollerate-General for Scrutiny and Survey.


Robert is an author that I discovered last year and was treated to a story that really grabbed my attention, with its wonderful blend of historical reference and the authors skill at weaving a tale that grabs you so much so that it refuses to let you go.

Coming back with the latest outing, yet again he’s done the seemingly impossible by bringing more documents to the fore and then bringing the time period to life right in front of the reader. The prose is sharp, the storyline even sharper and when added to characters that feel fully realised and believable really generates something special. Finally add to the mix a wonderful sense mystery that blends danger alongside intrigue all round gives you a book to savour with your favourite tipple.

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