Friday, 10 May 2013

FANTASY REVIEW: The Merchant Princes 3 and 4: The Traders War - Charles Stross

Release Date: 09/05/13
Publisher:  Tor


For one ex-journalist, the nightmare has just begun. Miriam Beckstein has said goodbye to her comfort zone, and the transition from journalist to captive in an alternative timeline was challenging to say the least. As was discovering her long-lost family, the Clan, were world-skipping assassins. Now civil war rages in her adopted home, she's pregnant with the heir to their throne and a splinter-group want her on their side of a desperate power struggle. But as a leader or figurehead? Meanwhile, unknown to the Clan, the US government is on to them and preparing to exploit this knowledge. But it hadn't foreseen a dissident Clan faction carrying nuclear devices between worlds - with the US President in their sights. The War on Terror is about to go transdimensional. But Mike Fleming, CIA agent, knows the most terrifying secret of all. His government's true intentions. 'Stross's ability to combine interesting ideas with solid plotting is one of his great strengths', Asimov's Science Fiction, 'Stross sure ends things with a bang ...satisfying and chilling',, 'These books are immense fun' Locus


The second compendium in the Merchant Princes series (featuring The Clan Corporate and The Merchant’s War.) Its great value for money, the reader gets cracking storytelling and when added to cracking storytelling, top notch prose and a wonderful story arc really does give the reader something special. Add to this that the compendiums are being released over successive months and the reader gets a this whole epic without the major wait between volumes.

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